and Incredible Happenings in the Wild Wild West

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Book Summary

During the Western expansion of the United States, what is generally referred to as the Wild West, sometimes things happened that defy man’s ability to explain or understand. During the hardest times, someone or something intervened. Some people would say it was angels. In the case of Jose Garcia, when man was about to make a grievous mistake, some would say an angel intervened. Time and time again, when they were most needed, the Lord sent some of his emissaries to help.

Most of the stories in Angels and Mysteries and Incredible Happenings in the Wild Wild West were told to the author by an old lady who was born at the end of the Civil War and grew up in the time of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, the cattle drives, and the wagon trains headed west.


The sheriff pulled up and Mrs. Warren asked the men in. “Well, Sheriff, Doctor . . . What’s happened?”

“Well, Mrs. Warren, your husband’s been badly hurt. He’s alive, but he’s in pretty bad shape.”

“Well, was he shot or ran off the road or what?”

“We don’t really know. He has been beaten terribly. One of the ranchers and his wife was coming from town and happened to see his horse standing under a tree and went to check on it. They went back into town to get the sheriff and me.”

“Well, I’ll get the kids ready and we’ll come into town! Oh, I forgot. I can’t come until I can find somebody to look after the place.”

“Well, no need for that, Mrs. Warren. I’ll bring him home as soon as he’s well enough to travel. In the meantime, you’d better get some rest. You look like you had a rough night.”

“I did. I knew something was wrong.”

“Mrs. Warren, do you know who would do this? Did your husband have trouble with somebody? Well, somebody either tried to kill him ‘cause he was mad about something or tried to rob him. Your husband have a lot of money on him?”

“Hardly. You don’t make a lot of money on a place like this. Not enough that somebody would want to attack somebody for.”


Historical novel based on the life and times of one of America’s greatest frontiersmen responsible for opening up the Ohio River country, Lew Wetzel. He was known as “Deathwind of the Border” because of his dedication and ferocity in the pursuit of Native American Indians and sadistic white renegades — known as Gargoyles. Wetzel was one of America’s first notable pioneers. He was a compatriot of Jonathan Zane (ancestor of famed novelist Zane Grey). Wetzel’s skill with a long rifle and tomahawk was unmatched; he had near perfect aim and was even able to reload while running after his target. 

I guess everyone has an inner need to hear a good story. The teller of tales has been in demand from the time our ancestors hunkered down around a fire to hear the old ones speak of long-ago hunts and battles, down through the ages to our own time with mass communication like radio, television, and the Internet.

America is rich in the tales of the old country and the sea passed down from generation to generation. Ethereal phantoms travel through the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee, while out West they say the ghosts of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday still stalk the streets of Tombstone heading for the O.K. Corral.

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