Tips and Tricks in Writing a Fiction Based on True Events

Making your story resonant is one of the ways to capture the interest of the people. If you want to achieve this, you can write your own stories or even write about other people’s stories. Writing from real-life events can give you quite a lot of benefits. You have the freedom to fictionalize the facts. You will not have to limit yourself to find a good structure or a good ending as it is already given. Well, of course, you can always perk it up a bit because you have every flexibility to do so.

Books based on true events are compelling ones. A good example would be the works of Irv Lampman. His books are usually about the stories that he knew of other people, just like one of his books, Deathwind of The Boarder. This book is a historical tale of America’s greatest frontiersmen Lew Wetzel, responsible for opening up the Ohio River country. His other book, Angels and Mysteries, is also greatly based on events that unfolded in the Old West. Inspired by Irv Lampman’s two late grandmothers, the narrative includes angelic interventions. These books are an excellent paradigm of fiction based on true events.

This article will help you out if you want to kickstart your journey into writing your own true fiction. Below are some of the useful hacks on making your story as compelling as possible:

Do your Research

Before you begin the process of writing, you may have to conduct fact-checking. If you have a story in mind about other people, you may have to ask for confirmation from them. Don’t stop there, though. After you’ve gathered all the facts and information from these people, you research the significant events. As an author, you don’t just entertain your readers; you also need to make sure that you are feeding them factual information. For example, if you are writing about the American Civil War, you might want to know more about the topic. You need to be aware of the causes, dates, and battles. You don’t want to reinvent these data on your book. Research beforehand, and you will allow yourself to write smoothly.

Don’t be Scared to Reinvent 

Don’t let the facts overwhelm you by getting away from creating a great narrative. Remember, one of the perks of writing your own story is freedom. How can you write with flexibility and willingness if you restrict yourself to the facts? You can always reinvent some of these truths to make it more interesting. You don’t have to put out every information you got on the table. If you want the story to be more enjoyable, you create an imaginary world based on the truth. You can maybe add little spies of personality to your main character as they usually are. DO not be afraid to let your story run by making your characters run and develop.

Ask Consent

This next point is very crucial. You are writing about the truth. Even if you are writing your own story, you may still need to include others in it. Thus, asking permission from these people will be necessary. If you think that the character in your book and the person in real-life is not recognizably similar, you still need consent from them. Remember that you still include elements of their lives. Tell them that the names will be changed and that they will only see reflections of their history on your narrative. As mentioned, you can add something to their personalities, making them stronger and more fit for your story than they actually are.

Do Extensive Editing

One of the essential parts of every writing process, may it be fiction or non-fiction. Editing is what makes your story comprehensible and free of errors. It will help you clarify your ideas and refine your writing style. Sometimes when you write, you might get carried away from the process. You might want to reread your story many times to make it perfect. This way, you will avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. As the final stage of writing, this might be the most exciting part for you. A good story turns into a great story because of this process.

To conclude, there are many points you have to consider when writing a story. Writing one based on true events is no different. It might be dreading for some. However, it will be enjoyable for those who are passionate about it. If you are one of the passionate people, you should start your journey now. Hopefully, the tricks and tips help you in the process.

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